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to be "Admitted to Practice, U.S. Tax Court"

Fall 2019

2020 Non-attorney Pre-exam Clinic
Certification Program

 Directed by
Judge John F. Dean Ret., U.S. Tax Court
L.B. Carpenter, CPA Member U.S. Tax Court Bar
Michael J. Stuart, Professor Emeritus Law and IRS Approved Provider CPE Federal Tax Law and U.S. Tax Court Trial Practice

The clinic runs five (5) successive days in Cambridge Massachusetts where U.S. Tax Court judge, CPA Member of the Tax Bar, and Harvard-educated law professor answer questions and solve problems in the Non-attorney Examination

Harvard University
Cambridge MA

M-F  9 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.


"Pre-Trial Tax Litigation"

Non-attorney Pre-Exam Preparation
EA, CPA, M. Tax, LMM, JD and Attorney

CPE & CLE Credits

Tier I Registration
Includes all clinic sessions, books, self-study package, Wi-Fi judicial conferencing and classes, Washington DC pre-exam judicial review, cocktail receptions, books, and all meals and overnight accommodations while in Cambridge MA and Georgetown NW, plus transport from hotel to test center. Please arrive the evening before the Clinic and/or the Review, and in enough time to eat dinner.


Tier II Registration
Includes all clinic sessions, books, and all meals and overnight accommodation while in Cambridge MA


Open Registration
You may register in any one session ($1695)

See details below

Session I
U.S. Tax Court, Rules of Practice and Procedure, and Pre-Trial Documents

Session II
Federal Rules of Evidence Applied in U.S. Tax Court

Session III
Ethical Questions and the Model Rules of Professional Conduct

Session IV
Federal Tax Controversies and U.S. Tax Court Decisions

Session V
Test Questions Asked by the Examiners and How to Answer

Laptop Computer Required

Small Groups ~ Limited Seating

(registrants only)

Guest Speaker
Ted Heckel, Underwriter

Short presentation to consider liability and malpractice insurance needs of the U.S. Tax Court Practitioner

Drinks and hors d'oeuvres

Pre-Exam Clinic et al.
Registration Processing Fee $125

$8475 for all HFC sessions
HFC dining accommodation
HFC overnight accommodation

also includes

Virtual Judicial Conference & Lecture Series with Self-study Package


Georgetown University Pre-exam Judicial Review
GU Reception
GU dining accommodation
GU overnight accommodation
GU transport from hotel to U.S. Tax Court test center

No payment plan

Pre-Exam Clinic
Registration Processing Fee $125

$5975 for all HFC sessions

save $2500

No payment plan

Open Registration Policy
Registration Processing $125

You may register in any one session ($1695). Please arrive the evening before, eat dinner at HFC, enjoy overnight accommodation, and eat breakfast at HFC before entering the Clinic. Eat you lunch at HFC as well. Please check out by 1 p.m. and secure your luggage with HFC. Then return to the Clinic until it concludes at 4:30 p.m.

Harvard Faculty Club House Rules
Business Casual Attire

Call 1.800.513.1598

"We've prepared federally-authorized tax practitioners for pre-trial and trial litigation practice since 2001"

1.  It absolutely takes 12 months to prepare for the Non-attorney Exam, and 6 months thereafter to learn if you are to be "Admitted to Practice, U.S. Tax Court" as United States Tax Court Practitioner.

2.  Prior to the test, it is advisable to self-execute an investigation into your own background to ascertain if you will pass muster with the FBI. TLI Faculty are available to help.

3.  The Distinguished Judge, John F. Dean, and CPA Tax Bar member, L.B. Carpetner, together with Professor Michael J. Stuart, IRS-approved Federal Tax Law provider will "teach-to-the-test" and illustrate how Tax Court litigation unfolds.

4.  This training should help you to recognize "question-types" in the Non-attorney Exam, and to reply quickly and confidently with answers that get full or partial credit.

5.  You should leave Harvard knowing on what to focus to pass the Non-attorney Exam. And also with some sense of how much time, expense, and effort you want to invest to get youself admitted to the Tax Court Bar. At best, with this training, you should have a-better-than-70%-chance to pass the bar exam and to qualify with the FBI. At the very least, you should gain insight and pickup valuable professional tools that should help in your current practice. 

6.  Be assured that the basic skills-set you'll acquire from this training should be adequate to launch your USTCP practice during the 2021 Fall Session of the U.S. Tax Court.

7.  Remember that "Admitted to Practice, U.S. Tax Court" should not just be another qualification to put on your resume.

"Better serve the Court, taxpayers, and yourself...learn how to litigate in U.S. Tax Court."

Courtroom Photo above Courtesy of U.S. Tax Court

Important decisions, rulings, opinions, and dissents in select 2019-20 cases in the U.S. Tax Court


Log-in intermittently for 2-3 hours Saturday afternoons except during tax season


Georgetown University Hotel & Conference Center
Convenes the day before the Exam at Georgetown U.


Call 1.800.513.1598

Join us Winter 2020 in sunny and warm Naples FL for 6 days/5 nights to learn, "Test Taking Strategies That Work." This is the same content in the Certificate Program that we present at Harvard. Led by John F. Dean, Distinguished U.S. Tax Court Judge and Michael J. Stuart, Professor Emeritus of Law and IRS Approved Provider of CPE Federal Tax Law and U.S. Tax Court Trial Practice; with IRC controversies explained by L.B. Carpenter, CPA Member of the U.S. Tax Court Bar and Certified U.S. Tax Court Litigator. Learn the testing methods of the Examiners who prepare the U.S. Tax Court Non-attorney Examination. Get judicial clarifications and answers to questions in the Rules of Practice and Procedures and Legal Ethics sections. Get judicial instructions on how to apply those Rules as well as the Federal Rules of Evidence when answering the repeated exam question that asks, "How should the Tax Court rule?" Learn how to write an answer succintly to get full or partial credit and achieve the minimum 70% passing grade in each of the tested subjects.

Photo Courtesy of Ritz Carlton Naples

Our 2020 Testing Cycle Host, Ave Maria School of Law, founded in 1999, is an ABA-accredited Roman Catholic law school, located in Naples, Florida. The Law School offers a full-time three year Juris Doctor (J.D.) program that complements a traditional legal education based on the Socratic Method with an emphasis on how the law intersects with the Catholic intellectual tradition and natural law philosophy. The curriculum of Ave Maria School of Law includes a three-semester Research, Writing and Advocacy Program as well as several required courses that focus on law and ethics. The school also offers various summer courses. Ave Maria devotes four core classes to the interrelationship between law, ethics, and Catholic moral and social principles. Ave Maria Law was named the country's most devout Catholic Law School by Pre-Law Magazine for the past three years. Ave Maria Law was also named a Veteran Military-Friendly Law School, the Most Conservative Law School, and was in The Princeton Review for Top Law Schools.

Photos Courtesy of Ave Maria School of Law

Our Guarantee
"If you prepare with us and do not pass the 2020 Non-attorney Exam then you may repeat the Program, at no charge, during the 2022 Testing Cycle; however, you must pay for your own meals and accommodations where applicable."

Office Hours
Mon - Fri: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM