Exam Prep


Judicial Bar Review to Prepare
Federally Authorized Tax Practitioners for
the 2020 U.S. Tax Court Non-attorney Examination

with former U.S. Tax Court Special Trial Judge & Federal Tax and Evidentiary Scholars

NOV 4, 2019 thru NOV 8, 2019
Featuring Joni Larson,
Author and Visiting Professor of Law at the Tax Law Institute


"We've successfully prepared EAs, CPAs and attorneys for U.S. Tax Court admission and/or trial practice since 2012. We have a 75% pass-rate among CPAs and 100% approval rating among attorneys we've prepared for U.S. Tax Court trial practice."

  • Prepare for the 2020 U.S. Tax Court Non-attorney Examination during 5 days of live Q&A in November 2019 at The Faculty Club in Cambridge MA.

  • Includes virtual tutoring option, offered intermittently, over 12 months, beginning Saturday, October 26 2019 thru Saturday, October 31, 2020. No tutorials during 2020 Tax Season. Practitioner-applicants my enroll in this tutoring option as their sole preparation exercise.

  • Final, comprehensive pre-exam option to participate in live review in Washington DC just days before the Exam.

  • All program options include books, sponsorship letters, certificate, and meals and hotel accommodations, where applicable. Flexible payment plan for IRS Enrolled Agents.

  • If you study with us and do not pass then you may retake your chosen program option, free-of-charge (excepting meals and lodging where applicable), during the 2022 Testing Cycle.

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Q&A Sessions

  • Listen to the panelists and engage in discussions on "How to Answer Questions on the Non-attorney Exam".

  • Get professional treatise (the subject of our discussions) on documents preparation and trial practice in U.S. Tax Court - the "handbook" for the United States Tax Court Practitioner and U.S. Tax Court bar applicants which addresses all questions that could possibly appear on the U.S. Tax Court Non-attorney Examination.

  • Panelists...
    • who have presided over trials, or served as, or prepared, FATPs and attorneys for administrative and trial procedures in/before the U.S. Tax Court, U.S. Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service, and/or in behalf of the U.S. Government, or individual and corporate taxpayers.

  • If you attend this program and participate, you should achieve a 70% grade (or better) in the Substantive Tax, Evidence, Legal Ethics, and U.S. Tax Court Practice and Procedure sections in the 2020 Non-attorney [Bar Admission] Examination

  • Register for the full five-day course, or any one session, start the electronic Judicial Conference & Lecture Series on October 26, 2019 thru December 14, 2019, reconvenes after 2020 Tax Season, June 2020 thru October 2020. Then, a day or two before the Exam, in Nov 2020, participate in a live, pre-exam judicial review in Washington DC. Excellent opportunity for EAs, CPAs, LLMs & JDs who will sit for the next U.S. Tax Court exam.

  • Passing the test and passing muster with the FBI should give successful candidates the opportunity to gain litigation experience through practice in U.S. Tax Court.

  • Newly-admitted EA and CPA practitioners may increase their industry worth and/or secure high-compensation employment in government, law or accounting. Whereas LLMs and JDs, in particular, may want to explore an alternative to general practice. Or, LLMs and JDs may just want to gain a track-record as a specialized practitioner, before/after applying to a State Bar. 

  • Hear explanations that should help increase the pass-rate among non-attorneys. Ask anything, so long as it's related to Federal tax matters that have historically been tested in the non-attorney exam.

  • Address rules, procedures, practices and exam questions and model answers. Work with panelists to solve tax problems and answer legal questions in each of the four (4) sections in the 2020 U.S. Tax Court Non-attorney Examination.

1.  It absolutely takes no fewer than 12 months to prepare for the Non-attorney Exam, and 6 months thereafter to learn if you are to be "Admitted to Practice, U.S. Tax Court," as United States Tax Court Practitioner.

2.  Prior to the test, it is advisable to self-execute an investigation into your own background. If you pass the test then your final hurdle is to pass muster with the FBI. TLI Faculty are available to help.

3.  Judge Dean, L.B. Carpenter, James H. Chapman, Joni Larson and Eugene Smith will "speak-to-the-test." Judge Dean and Professor Larson will illustrate how Tax Court litigation unfolds. And T. Keith Fogg, Clinical Professor in the Federal Tax Clinic at the Legal Services Center (Boston) will discuss his oversight of HLS litigation, in behalf of low income taxpayers. You will hear about tax controversies arsing from the IRC as well as U.S. Tax Court rules, procedures and practices that you will be expected to know for the Exam.

4.  This training should help you to recognize "question-types" in the 2020 Non-attorney Exam. Most importantly, this training should help you to respond quickly and confidently with answers that get full or partial credit.

5.  You should leave knowing on what to focus to pass the Exam. And also, with some sense of how much time, expense, and effort you want to invest to get yourself admitted to the Tax Court Bar. At best, with this training, you should have a-better-than-70%-chance to pass, and to qualify to the FBI. Once approved, you can set up practice with your bar registration number. At the very least, you should gain insight or pickup valuable professional tools that should help improve your present practice. 

6.  Be assured that the basic skills-set you'll acquire from this training should be adequate. With it you can pass the exam and launch your litigation practice in U.S. Tax Court.

7.  Remember that "Admitted to Practice, U.S. Tax Court," should not just be another qualification to put on your resume.

Courtroom photo courtesy of U.S. Tax Court

Get Your Free Electronic Copy of the "Non-Attorney's Guide to Admission & Practice in U.S. Tax Court" by Michael J. Stuart. Available Oct 15, 2019 to all who register. Allow 5 days for electronic delivery.


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