Payment Plan
  • payment plans are available to all but are subject to 10% surcharge
  • inquire about our reduced enrollment rates for three (3) or more individuals affiliated with the same organization
  • no "third-party" payment plan unless authorized by the Applicant who then assumes liability plus a 20% surcharge if defaulted
  • to setup a payment plan call 1.888.317.4489
  • cost of 2020 US Tax Court Non-Attorney Bar Admissions Exam Preparation and Apprenticeship Program is $20,990

Program Fees

Virtual Conference Room Access
  • access to the Virtual Conference Rooms extends from enrollment-to-program completion
  • absolutely no unregistered or uncontrolled third-parties are permitted to access the conference rooms
  • dissemination of Conference Room call-in numbers and access codes will render void your Enrollment Contract

  • no fee refunds - no exceptions
  • applicants who do not pass the 2020 administration of the Exam may retake the 2022 Virtual Lecture Series only free-of-charge
  • successful exam applicants should take note that background checks are conducted by the FBI (click link, "FBI Check")
  • successful completion of the US Non-attorney Bar Admissions Examination does not guarantee bar admission. Candidate must be deemed by the FBI "to be of good moral character."
  • to understand how FBI background checks are done, click link "FBI Check."
  • two (2) sponsor recommendations are required by the US Tax Court Admissions Office for successful test applicants

  • Certificate of Completion is awarded to those who satisfy all academic and attendance requirements
  • Judicial Certificate of Merit is awarded for outstanding program performance as decided by the Faculty

What to Expect...
  • live conferencing
  • electronic study materials, e-books, and soft-covered books used in the Programs
  • live and remote tutorials
  • overnight accommodations during live programs and meals where specified 
  • two sponsor recommendations subject to the content of self-background check report

What happens if you don't pay timely or default
  • electronic debit or credit cards must clear on day of process
  • fees are non-refundable
  • initiating electronic refunds automatically trigger litigation for recovery
  • payment plans are strictly enforced
  • late payments are penalized at the rate of $100 USD per day inclusive of the due date
  • installment payments are due on the first day of each successive month, irrespective of non-business days and holidays
  • defaulters are aggressively pursued in the local courts throughout the national jurisdictions
  • defaulters are reported  to the Return Preparers Office (RPO)
  • defaulters are reported to US Tax Court Committee on Admissions and Discipline
  • defaulters are reported to all three credit reporting agencies
  • non-payment is sufficient ground to initiate default action
  • pay-as-you-go in accordance with the terms and condition of the Payment Plan embodied in the Enrollment Contract

Please be sure to read our Policy Statements found as pages attached to this link, "Fees/Policy"


Call 1.888.317.4489