Tax Law Institute trains federally-authorized tax professionals for approved practice as United States Tax Court Practitioners.

Enrollment Policy

The Tax Law Institute enrolls a very diverse group in terms of age, ethnicity, and professional background. While there are always a few individuals who come to us from professional programs in law and accounting, the majority of our participants are seasoned CPAs, EAs and IRS-registered tax professionals with 5-to-10 years of practice experience. 

While we prefer that certification candidates have at least several years experience in the tax field, some applicants have no experience whatsoever and typically never worked in a tax job, but they have a desire to do so. We do not shut our doors to these individuals. On the contrary, we welcome these individuals, especially young people finishing their last year of high school or those about to enter college. The highly specialized nature of our program allows a person interested in a career in the tax industry to explore and study the tax laws through any one of our CPE courses. These tutorials last anywhere from 12 to 52 weeks and some may extend as long as two years. An academically successful participant may then seek to embark upon various career opportunities available in the domestic and international tax service industry.

For the non-attorney, our program offers a comprehensive preparatory program to gain admission to the Federal bar. Our practical and easy-to-understand U.S. Tax Court Non-Attorney Exam Prep tutorials are suitable for anyone who wishes to be "Admitted to Practice, United States Tax Court" or advance their skills as practitioners before the IRS or Tax Court.

For our teaching certification program, individuals who seek to be admitted must be evaluated and approved by the Teaching Faculty who will determine the suitability of the applicant to teach federal tax matters and his/her chances for success in the program. Anyone deemed not qualified will be denied admission.

For our Professional Tax Practice Program, both lay persons and young adults may seek admission and need not possess any prior experience in federal taxation. 

Unique to our tutorial programs was the collaborative with the University of Alabama School of Law Graduate Tax Division. Through a joint program, tax professionals could have the opportunity to work with academicians who are specialist in some aspect Federal taxation, tax litigation or U.S. international taxation. Here, the emphasis is on providing a practical perspective of federal tax law and litigation practice so that the tax practitioner can communicate effectively with the IRS and U.S. Tax Court judges, court clerks, opposing counsel and taxpayer-clients. Participants are assigned a tutor with whom they discuss their topical area of concentration via conference-style tutorials that meet regularly for 90-to-120 minutes. Through our specialized certificate program, tax professionals may begin compiling the analytical materials that will shape their research skills for the duration of their careers.  Completing this program is no small endeavor, consequently we seek individuals who are challenged and motivated.

Applicants should keep in mind that the value of our programs are defined by the rigor and integrity of our faculty. We are an IRS Approved Provider of Continuing Professional Education for Enrolled Agents. Our CPE certifications are registered and approved by the Internal Revenue Service. Therefore our standards are higher compared to most CPE programs for tax professionals and our tutorials are certainly more demanding.

We expect those who seek to enter our programs to understand that these are not easy certifications to obtain. Much thought should be devoted to one's ability to complete the readings and research, write the exam answers and produce a research documents of publishable quality. We understand and expect that many, if not all, of the certification candidates will hold full-time jobs. Nonetheless, successful candidates should expect to devote no fewer than 5-to-10 hours each week to reading, writing and research. The prestige associated with the award of the certification far outweighs the sacrifices one must make to obtain it.

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