Deadlines for submission of the Short Research Paper required by the Tax Law Institute's specialized certification programs are at the end of the second session. Deadlines for all other written work as required by the TLI is as specified by the faculty.

Participants who fail to meet the deadlines as specified above, will receive an incomplete. Extensions are not given for such work absent special permission of the faculty in cases of serious personal or medical emergency. A participant's only resolution is to repeat the tutorial. Absent permission by the faculty as specified under the conditions set forth in our "Policy," no work, including examinations, Short Research Papers written in satisfaction of the Written Work Requirement or revisions thereto, may be submitted for certification after the final deadlines specified by the Tax Law Institute. Such permission will be granted only by the faculty and only if the Tax Law Institute finds that (1) the delay in submission of the work was caused by a serious personal or medical emergency, and (2) the delay will not prejudice the possibility of evaluation of the work by the Tax Law Institute.

Participants are responsible for the timely electronic transmission of their  work. No exceptions. Participants should ascertain that their transmissions are successful and seek written confirmation (electronic receipts) in all cases from the Tax Law Institute. For security reasons, participants are encouraged to transmit their submissions via Tax Law Institute's electronic address.

Participants in the non-attorney preparation courses should pay particular attention to deadlines for submissions. It is not the Teaching Faculty's responsibility to remind participants of due dates. Notice is generally sent to each participant in regards to when documents must reach the moderator of the course. Failure to submit documents timely may result in the participant being placed on acaemci probation or dismissal from the program.